Cannabis and the Creativity Link

By September 9, 2020Cannabis Plants
Cannabis and Creativity

This isn’t the first nor the last time you’ll read about the link between cannabis and creativity. Imagination makes us who we are; it’s part of our identity as humans, and we each express it differently. Some of us are musically creative, while others prefer engineering and coming up with innovative solutions to technical issues. Regardless of the domain creativity is applied, it remains critical to our life journey.

The relationship between cannabis and enhanced creativity isn’t a newfound brainchild of modernity. History shows that cannabis has been used in accordance with this link for a long time. In particular, ancient Chinese practitioners were using cannabis to treat people of “absent-mindedness”. Whatever that means, the link still exists.

With modern science taking a closer look at this connection, we’re come to learn much more about it. In particular, we’ve associated cannabis with a boost in divergent thinking. Think of divergent thinking as the materialization of creativity and imagination when solving a problem. You’re brainstorming many sources of information to come up with various insights and solutions to a single problem.

Convergent thinking, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. It deals with cold, hard facts, analytic power, and rationality. Cannabis has been found to switch the brain’s emphasis on divergent thinking upon consumption. That’s why many cannabis enthusiasts feel more creative, dreamier, and freer than ever before. Because they’re currently using the divergent thinking system, which allows them more freedom.

You can find cannabis strains that improve creativity in various cannabis online dispensaries.


Where does dopamine come into play?

Well, we know that THC alters the dopamine levels, which influences the way you think and react to external stimuli. Dopamine is responsible for feelings happiness, joy, increased creativity and a good mood. When your dopamine levels increase, the more creative you feel, and when they drop, you feel down, depressed, and low in creativity.

Consuming cannabis means taking in high levels of THC, if the strain is high in THC. Once it enters your body, THC interacts with the CB1 receptors in your brain, elevating your dopamine levels. That’s why getting high feels good and why you often feel free and creative. You feel more productive, more performant, and more innovative than ever before.

However, the dopamine system isn’t meant to be overexcited like this. If you continue consuming cannabis strains high in THC, the dopaminergic system gets activated more and more. Soon, it will stop working or it won’t produce the same effects. Long-term exposure to cannabis may do that.

That’s why we recommend consuming cannabis in moderate doses when you need to. For instance, you may want to get your dopamine levels up when you have to come up with brand new ideas and insights into a project. However, putting those ideas into practice requires analyses, logic, and rationality. You don’t need much creativity to do that, hence no cannabis consumption.

What matters here is the dose you take. Scientific studies have found that higher doses of cannabis actually had a negative impact on divergent thinking scores of test subjects. On the other hand, a low dose of quality cannabis improved their divergent thinking a lot. Knowing this, it’s even more important to realize that overdoing it isn’t a good idea, and it may, in fact, be detrimental to your goals.

Of course, each cannabis user experiences different things, and things are largely subjective. A beginner will feel ecstatic and over-the-top with the smallest cannabis dose, while veterans barely feel a thing after refilling their bong 2-3 times. It’s all about the body’s adaptation to the mind-altering effects of cannabis. The more you consume cannabis, the more you adapt to it, and the more the dopaminergic system is blunted.

What are the cannabis plants that can boost creativity?

Even among cannabis plants, there are specific strains that are known to seriously boost divergent thinking and creativity. Others are simply for relaxation or pure happiness. The strains we’re talking about open the gates of imagination wide, letting you experience unprecedented relaxation and creative freedom.

Among these, we can name Sour Diesel. This is one of the most popular strains of cannabis, known for its pungent aroma and energetic vibes. Royal Cookies and Purple Haze are two potent strains that unlock the deeper recesses of your imagination. If you want to, you can even combine some of these strains and see where that gets you.

Ideally, it should propel you to the peaks of creativity, giving you the tools to find new insights, discover new solutions, and come up with innovative ideas to your problems. Cannabis can do that easily!

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