5 Highest Rated CBD Oil Lotions, Creams, and Other Topicals to Try

By December 6, 2019CBD

CBD products are buzzing in the beauty market right now. CBD is a powerful antioxidant that can combat acne and several other skin conditions. You also get other benefits from CBD use, such as alleviation from daily stressors, positive mood, and more restful sleep. In such a bustling market it can be difficult to tell which products are the best. Here is a guide to the highest-rated topical CBD products.

  1. Canzon

Canzon sells high-quality CBD oil, e-vape liquids, and CBD topicals. The hemp they source is grown on European farms that practice sound cultivation methods. Hemp farming can be rampant with pesticides and other additives, but Canzon’s products are certified organic. All their products are also third-party lab tested.

Sustainable growing practices, healthy products, and effective results all add up to a quality full spectrum CBD balm. They offer two options in their CBD topical line. You can choose from either 2% or 3% CBD concentrate, which is the most potent dosage on this list.

They combine their products with other natural moisturisers, so you can enjoy the benefits of CBD and also have healthy, great looking skin. Canzon products can be used in a variety of ways, from a beauty product to an after-work out salve that soothes muscle fatigue.

  1. Spruce

Spruce features a high concentration balm for customers searching for more potency from their CBD topicals. They provide a complete range of CBD products which have a 300 mg strength.

This brand also applies pleasant plant-derived scents to their topicals, resulting in a product that both feels and smells great. The scent resembles that of a light lotion.

Along with CBD, their cream is infused with fortifying mineral oils and other healthy phytocannabinoids. A container of Spruce cream holds 2 ounces of product and sells at an affordable price point.

  1. CBDistillery

CBDol Topical is another high-quality CBD cream. This topical is specifically designed to relieve pain and other discomforts. One of the most potent topicals commercially available, the CBDol boasts a robust 500 mg strength.

Coconut oil, peppermint, basil, green tea, and lavender complement the active CBD ingredient creating an exceptionally healthy mix. The topical is notable for its very soothing feel and pleasant smell.

CBDistillery also offers lip balm infused with CBD, a 25 mg of cannabinol concentration for on the go CBD application. The portable factor is an excellent addition to their product line.

  1. CBDfx

The CBD cream line from CBDfx is a premium topical option for fighting inflammation and soreness. This topical features a full spectrum if certified organic ingredients. The cream is potent and features some notable additions to the base CBD.

CBDfx also includes menthol and white willow bark. These active ingredients allow this topical to replicate the sensation given off by other pain relievers. The topical ingredients are also a great source of amino and fatty acids, as well as other vitamins naturally found in CBD and other organic components.

The topical is ideal for those seeking a lower concentration of CBD. CBDfx offers 2 concentration options, 100 mg and 15o mg.

  1. Medterra

Medterra is unique on this list because it is a CBD isolate, which means its ingredients consist of the purest hemp extract. The hemp they source is non-GMO and is grown in the U.S.

Medterra is an excellent solution for skin ailments like rashes and burns. It includes ingredients like tea tree oil, organic ginger root oil, menthol, and rosemary leaf extract.

Medterra can be purchased in 2 potencies, 250 mg and 750 mg concentrate for greater discomfort. Medterra also sells a range of other high-quality CBD infused products.

Final Thoughts

Canzon tops our list and is the only non-US product and for good reason. This organically grown third-party lab-tested product receives rave reviews from its users.

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