Tips and Tricks for cloning success

There are various ways in which you can grow marijuana. A lot of people prefer seeds for natural growth, whereas a lot of people prefer cloning cannabis. Cloning cannabis is an effective and quick method of replicating genetically identical buds. Cannabis needs specific conditions for growth like warmness temperature, water for not wilting of leaves, optimal humidity, soil nutrients, and light growth. Similarly, cloning also needs some level of care and attention. It is crucial to choose a healthy parent plant.

Over the past few years, cloning cannabis has become popular. A lot of inexperienced and new growers are preferring to clone cannabis at home and enjoying their marijuana. If you also want to grow your marijuana and clone cannabis, we have some tips for you. Cloning isn’t a complicated process if you keep these tips and pointers in your mind.

  1. Use a healthy mother plant to clone: You must choose a healthy mother plant. It ensures the chances of cannabis cloning process done healthily. If the mother is not healthy or susceptible to certain diseases, then it will be transmitted to the clone plants as well. Wait for eight weeks before taking a cutting from the mother plant.
  2. Clones are quite sensitive. For the whole process of cloning, you need the appropriate amount of lighting. Proper lighting is crucial for the survival of your plant. Clones don’t require light for the first couple of weeks. However, after that, you’d need to use a particular grow light system for your clone. Have a different room with different lighting system because each of the three stages of growth requires different lighting needs. Make sure you have proper infrastructure and ventilation for cloning cannabis.
  3. Put your fresh cutting into water. It is a very crucial step. After removing from rooting stimulator, immediately put the cutting into water. Water is necessary for clone survival.
  4. Growing cannabis has become a lot more comfortable with cloning. However, you’d need specific equipment for cloning. Following are a few essentials that you should invest in:
  5. Root cubes and trays
  6. Razor
  7. Rooting medium
  8. Rooting hormone
  9. Cutting board
  10. Grow tent
  11. Planting pots
  12. Soil
  13. Nutrients
  14. Water

You’ll need the things mentioned above to start cloning. Get started if you have these necessary items.

  • You can grow your clone plant both inside and outside. You should consider growing clone outside in your garden during the warmer months. But if you’re starting to grow cycle during the colder months, then you should consider keeping it indoors.
  • Keep a check on the ventilation system. It should provide only little to no breeze. Too much breeze could dry out the clone plant, and it could also give rise to pests and other bacteria. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that the ventilation system is providing a slight breeze, which is adequate for the process of cloning.
  • As mentioned, clones are very sensitive. Therefore, you must keep a track on them within the first few days.
  • Healthy plant roots are essential for the whole process. A healthy soil ecosystem is essential for healthy growth. Otherwise, your clone plant will not grow well. Therefore, you should make sure that the roots are growing in clean and healthy soil.
  • Always cut from the lower branches of the mother plant. Try to keep your cutting between 8-12 inches. Cut the portion that looks healthier and sturdier.
  • Special care is needed for cloning cannabis. It is essential to keep an eye on the nutrients and the watering schedules. Avoid overwatering your clone plant.

Follow the above suggestions and extract the genetic copies of cannabis.

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