Things you should know about growing clones at home

Cloning is an efficient method for growing cannabis which has been proved time and again. By using the method of cloning, you can quickly generate identical copies of the mother plant. It is something that inexperienced growers can also do. It is popular among both commercials as well as home growers. Cloning cannabis at home is cost-effective as you can harvest exact replicas with desirable features such as cannabinoid profile, flavor, grow time, etc. If you’re considering cloning in your garden or at your home, then you should continue reading. We’ll provide you with an overview to help you understand the process of cloning at home.

Difference between seeds and clones

Planting marijuana from seed or clone is a tough decision for the growers these days.

Clones – Genetic uniformity

Seeds – Variable quality

The first and the most important thing is that there is no genetic variation in cloning. All of them are exact replicas of their mother plant, whereas seeds are genetically variable. If we say that clones are like twins, we can say that seeds are siblings. If you want the replicate the desirable features, then you should consider clones.

Clones – Consistency

Seeds – Inconsistent yields

Clones offer consistency. For example, if you want the same flavor and the same level of phytochemicals, then you should consider cloning cannabis. But, if you’re growing it with seeds, be ready for inconsistent yields. Hybrid vigor may benefit you or provide you with healthier faster-growing seedlings. However, in the initial stage, you don’t know what you’re going to get when you’re growing your seed.

Clones – A few weeks

Seeds – Months

Growing with seeds can be quite a long process and requires both your time and money. On the other hand, cloning will not only save your time and money. But it will also provide you with consistent results in a few weeks. A germinated seedling takes about two months whereas a clone takes only about two to four weeks.

Are clones easier to grow than seeds?

Clones are more comfortable to grow, especially for inexperienced and first-time growers. However, if not executed properly, there can be a lot of errors. You must take extra care of the environmental condition and keep the following few things in mind:

  • Susceptible to diseases: Cloning plants are susceptible to diseases. It is considerate to make lesser use of herbicides and pesticides and avoid this condition. If we say that all the clones are identical; then there are chances of all the clones being affected by that disease.
  • Spreading of diseases: When cloning cannabis, it is crucial to ensure that the mother plant is healthy. If the cutting or the mother plant is not healthy, it will automatically be transmitted to the clone plants. Therefore, it is essential to check that plants are cloned from disease-free and healthy parents.

A few key items

There are a few specialized types of equipment needed for cloning. However, these types of equipment are quite expensive and require technical knowledge.

You’ll be needing the following item if you want to clone cannabis in your garden:

  • Razor (for taking cuttings) – You must avoid using scissors for the purpose of cutting. Using scissors crush the branches, which makes rooting a more laborious process.
  • Rooting hormone
  • Rooting medium
  • Some water

Always select healthy plants. Try to cut as much as close to the main stem possible. After cutting the mother plant, make sure you immediately place your fresh cutting into water. This will prevent the formation of air bubbles. Formation of bubbles can even kill a new clone. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that fresh cuttings are immediately placed into water.

These are the few things you should keep in mind if you’re considering cloning. Take cuttings and invest your time in cloning.

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