Cannabis Clones and Rooting hormones

Cloning is a prevalent technique used for reproducing marijuana. It is one of the safest and cost-effective methods for new and inexperienced growers.  Root hormones are often used to stimulate root growth. In today’s article, we will discuss what is rooting hormone and how you can use them to increase the chances of successful plant rooting.

What is Rooting Hormone?

Rooting hormones, also known as auxin hormones, is a type of plant growth hormone that stimulates the growth of the plants. Available in gel, powder, and liquid form, they are often used to produce roots of higher quality.

Rooting hormones provide additional support and promote healthy growth of the clone plant.

Some plants can produce rooting hormones themselves after a short period. They have the auxin hormones present in them, which makes the cloning process easier. Rooting hormones are both synthetic as well as organic. Many people like to use hormones, whereas many like to grow their plants naturally.

A rooting hormone is often used in cannabis cloning to speed up the process.

Establish roots faster: We can say that rooting hormones are a supplement that assists in the faster growth of the roots. Using a root-stimulating hormone minimizes the time plants; take and speeds up the overall process of rooting development.

Forms of rooting hormones

  1. Powder form – Powder form of hormones contain a synthetic form of auxins, indole-3-butyric acid (IBA). The auxin is one of the main components which is used in most of rooting hormones. Powders have a long shelf life and don’t require any dilution. Their long shelf life is one of the reasons why they are the most preferred form of the hormone. Powdered hormones do not require refrigeration. Many commercial growers use them because powder hormones are quite easy for us. You have to dip the cutting in the powder and tap off to remove the excess. Keep it dry and make the most use of this powder hormone.
  • Gel forms – Gel rooting hormones are quite comfortable and ready-to-use type of hormones. You don’t have to mix it with the water. They are effective on a wide range of strains. Gel-based rooting hormones also contain auxins, indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), which helps in healthy root growth. It is an excellent choice for the indoor growers because of the ease with which you can use.
  • Liquid form – The liquid rooting hormone is generally available in two types: ready to use and concentrated form rooting hormone. Ready-to-use hormones are more convenient and contain the appropriate percentage of synthetic hormone. The right amount of synthetic hormone encourages the growth of the roots. If you want to customize the strength of hormones, then you should go for the concentrated form which can be diluted later. The concentrated form of liquid hormones needs to be diluted before they are to be used. They provide a more customizable hormone. This extra step is beneficial if you’re growing a variety of strains. Concentrated form is suitable if you’re growing with seeds. However, if you’re cloning, you can also use ready-to-use rooting hormone. Liquid hormones are versatile. But, require refrigeration and even have a shorter shelf life.

Rooting hormones are important for successful cloning. They promote growth and increase the rate of root initiation. However, root growth is not the only factor that matters. Root growth is essential. But other environmental factors also play a crucial role in the process of cloning. For example, lighting and humidity. It is not necessary to use a rooting hormone. However, you can use it to increase the growth of new roots. Many growers add rooting hormones to maximize production.

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